Hello! I'm Greg Beldam

Hello! I'm Greg Beldam

I'm a product designer and design leader.

2018-now Shogun

I'm leading the 100% remote design team at Shogun, changing the face of ecommerce stores with an easy to use and fully featured drag+drop editor platform.

2017 + 2018

I spent two years working with startups across the globe to conceptualize product ideas into working prototypes to raise seed funds, and revamping existing products to be easier to understand for users.

2012-2017 Shopify

When Shopify was ~100 people, our startup was acquired by them and I helped build out the mobile team, launching Shopify for iPhone and our first Point of Sale product. Over my 5 years at Shopify I helped build the UX team from 10 to 200, becoming one of the first Design Directors. I helped build out design process, hire for key roles, and created new specialty teams like Illustration and Design Systems, while shipping core product features for the Dashboard, Reports, Orders, Mobile, and Garage teams, as well as others.