Full stack design for early stage companies.
Hello! I'm a Canadian freelance designer focused on shipping quality UI Design, Branding, and more for early stage startups. Let's work together to think through your entire customer narrative.
Design has always been part of my life. I started early tinkering with UI by building winamp skins and geocities websites for my hobbies. I paid my way through college by designing and building websites and brands. I've been working professionally in the design world for over 15 years, and while the tools have changed, design has always been core to business success.

I was an early employee at Shopify and helped grow the UX team from 10-150 and then joined Shogun to build the cross-discipline design team from 0-21. Since then I've been helping startups establish good design practices.

I work with small teams to get brand and product started. I consider the entire customer journey from landing on your homepage, loving your logo, all the way to converting into a lifetime user of your product.

Let's make happy customers together.
Let's see what we can do together.
Start a conversation about what you want to bring into the world. I'm sure I can help.
Thanks for checking this out. You can find me elsewhere below.
Thanks for checking this out. You can find me elsewhere below.